DHopp Apparel is a New Jersey born company represented by CEO Bobby E. Goins and a subsidiary Bcut Productions entertainment in 2008. For the last 10 yrs. DHopp Apparel has created an assortment of delightful products that can fit anybody's lifestyle and needs. Created by Bobby E. Goins and Bcut Productions, "Sam Dilla Hopper" was derived from a children's story told by Tyrone Haynes, Bobby's Uncle, when he was 17 yrs.old. Sam is a mutant insect, that's half grass hopper and half caterpillar, from the Bungalow Forrest in Pennsylvania. Sam is a very intelligent and caring creature that can relate to anybody with understanding and friendship because he was rejected by his peers for his half breed, integration from two different insects. Sam will be featured in various different art creations on all of DHopp Apparel's clothing with a multitude of colors and scenarios. Stop by DHopp Apparel today and become a part of family that continues to grow! aa.png